Live Intentionally.

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Psychology and biology major.
give life meaning.

Oh my god, if my calendar could please just glue itself to my eyes… I swear if I forget about one more meeting this week, I’m just going to lock myself in my closet until I can start all over again on Monday.

The shame and shambles this week have reached a new level.

Totally kicked some asana in yoga today.

I’ll be posting more about yoga and my progress as I start practicing inversions when it gets closer to summer, heads up!

It is hardly the verge of allergy season and I am already about to scratch my eyes out. Someone stop this madness!

Finding someone to go out and have a beer with me tonight should not be this hard. Just an hour or two downtown… one beer… really? Do I even have friends?

Time to eat ice cream in bed and watch movies all night, I guess. My roommates must think I’m a hermit.